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It’s easy to work with Creative Services. You can submit a project request through our online form, call us, or send us email. 

Design, illustration, web, photography and video services:

$123 per hour

Printing services:

$114 per hour

Once we know your needs, we will work with you to determine the scope of work, the project budget, and the schedule. Some of our services are billed via the recharge model, and some services are available without charge. We are committed to the success of your project, so please let us know how we can best be of service to you.

For reference, the basic workflow of projects with Public Affairs Creative Services is as follows:

  1. Project request. Once you have submitted a project request, the correct service area will contact you to discuss your project in detail.
  2. Project estimate. If your project falls under the recharge services, we will provide an estimate for the costs of your project. This includes items such as labor, printing costs, stock art, consumables, etc. We will not begin work until we have an approved estimate on file.
  3. Project begins. Depending on the service and type of project, you will receive “proofs” of your project for review and comments. This is an iterative process and may require several rounds of review and revisions.
  4. Project approved. Once you are satisfied with the product, we will ask for your formal approval of the work. This will allow your project to move to the deployment stage.
  5. Project deploys. Deployment depends on your project type. For instance, if you have requested a poster design, deployment would be when the approved artwork is sent to the printer. Not all projects have a deployment phase.
  6. Project delivers. This is when the completed project is turned over to you, and you have all deliverables in hand.
  7. Project closes. We archive all of our projects, and guarantee accessibility for 5 years.

Invoicing against your PID takes place on a monthly basis. If your project is long-range and work continues over several months, you will be billed for the hours worked and expenses incurred each month. We are always happy to provide budget updates and reports. If you have specific budget reporting needs, please let us know.

We look forward to working with you!